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OrNsoft Unveils AI Autopilot: A Revolutionary Self-Improving AI Technology

MIAMI, FLORIDA — 11/08/2023 —OrNsoft breaks new ground in the AI industry with the introduction of AI Autopilot, a transformative technology redefining the capabilities of AI systems now officially recognized with patent-pending status. This is not a mere feature; it’s a pioneering leap in autonomous learning technology, blending the autonomy of unsupervised learning with the precision of supervised models.

The Evolution of AI Learning:

Traditional AI systems depend heavily on human-provided datasets for training, which can be resource-intensive and limiting. AI Autopilot changes the game by autonomously generating its own training data when it detects a performance dip, thus it self-improves without human intervention.

About AI Autopilot

As an integral part of OrNsoft’s acclaimed CEErtia software, AI Autopilot is engineered to initiate self-learning protocols, creating and utilizing synthetic datasets for its continuous self-improvement. It’s designed for businesses seeking an AI model that not only learns on its own but also adapts to their evolving needs autonomously.

Core Features

Data Acquisition & Annotation Performance: AI Autopilot transcends conventional data limitations by autonomously creating the data it needs to evolve, ensuring a continuous and self-reliant advancement.
Self-Optimization: The technology redefines the need for human oversight, with a built-in mechanism to autonomously refine and improve its algorithms, staying at the forefront of efficiency and accuracy.
Ethical AI Advancements: OrNsoft remains committed to ethical AI development. AI Autopilot’s self-generated datasets ensure compliance and maintain the highest standards of data integrity and privacy.

Executive Insight

“AI Autopilot is more than just an addition to CEErtia; it’s a transformative technology that adds a layer of intelligence to our existing capabilities,” says Johnny Saffar, President of OrNsoft. “Our clients can now look forward to a dynamic and adaptable AI model that evolves according to their business needs.”


AI Autopilot, a premium feature, will be available for purchase to our existing CEErtia clients in the upcoming December release. This advanced AI solution offers a seamless transition for those who choose to upgrade.

Further Reading

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Closing Remarks

AI Autopilot signifies OrNsoft’s relentless pursuit of pioneering intelligent solutions. With its patent-pending status, we’re not just setting new standards—we’re redefining them.. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience a game-changing approach to AI.

About OrNsoft

Founded in 2009, OrNsoft is a leading software house specializing in Artificial Intelligence-powered software, bespoke business solutions, web and mobile app development, and IT consulting. With a client base that includes NASA, the United Nations, and many others, OrNsoft has become a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes and industries. The company’s flagship hyper-automation software, CEErtia, is utilized by some of the largest companies in the world.

For more information about OrNsoft and CEErtia, please visit or contact:

Jeane Menard Public Relations Manager OrNsoft
Phone: (888) 808-9498

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