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ChatGVK : Evidence-Based AI Revolution

Welcome to a new frontier in business communication. Introducing ChatGVK, OrNsoft’s groundbreaking Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot.

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, OrNsoft is proud to introduce ChatGVK – our pioneering Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot designed to redefine the boundaries of business communication.

ChatGVK harnesses the raw power of Generative Pretrained Transformers (like ChatGPT), known for their human-like text generation capabilities. However, it doesn’t stop there. OrNsoft takes it a step further by incorporating our unique Vector Knowledge technique, ensuring that every response generated is not only coherent and engaging but also grounded in evidence.

But what does this mean for your business? It means you’re now equipped with an AI communication tool that’s reliable, efficient, and dedicated to factual accuracy. You don’t have to worry about your chatbot making up answer and provide inaccurate information.  Whether you’re dealing with customer queries, internal communications, or data analysis, ChatGVK is designed to provide evidence-based responses drawn from a specified source of information.

This potent combination of generative AI and evidence-based accuracy is what sets ChatGVK apart, making it more than just a chatbot. It’s a new standard in AI communication, a game-changer ready to transform how businesses interact and operate. With ChatGVK, we’re not just envisioning the future of intelligent communication—we’re creating it.

Join us on this exciting journey as we step into a new era of communication, powered by ChatGVK, OrNsoft’s groundbreaking Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot.

Empowering Your Business:
ChatGVK Applications

Generative Pretrained Transformer

GPT technology is the foundation of ChatGVK, providing the framework for natural, engaging, and human-like text generation. This ensures that our chatbot communicates seamlessly with users, providing an intuitive and engaging user experience. It will understand what you say, and make sure to give you an answer that you will understand.

Vector Knowledge: AI Communication Evolved

ChatGVK's defining feature is our Vector Knowledge technique. This proprietary technology understands the semantic relationship between words and phrases, generating highly relevant and contextually accurate responses. By grounding each response in factual evidence, Vector Knowledge guarantees the trustworthiness of the information provided by ChatGVK.

Training: Simplified Learning Process

Training ChatGVK is as simple as providing your documents in PDF format. No complex coding or extensive AI knowledge needed. ChatGVK uses our Vector Knowledge technique to process and learn from your documents, readying itself to deliver accurate, evidence-based responses. Enjoy the simplicity of training with ChatGVK, an AI chatbot designed for accuracy and ease of use.

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Unleashing the Power of AI with Factual Accuracy

ChatGVK isn’t just another chatbot—it’s an AI communication tool that’s designed to be reliable, efficient, and dedicated to factual accuracy. It’s ability to provide accurate, evidence-based responses makes it a powerful tool for a variety of business applications:

Customer Service

Improve your customer experience with instant, accurate responses to inquiries, 24/7. ChatGVK can handle complex questions, provide detailed product information, and resolve issues efficiently, all while maintaining a friendly, human-like interaction.

Internal Communications

Streamline internal processes by providing employees with instant access to company policies, HR information, or technical support. ChatGVK can quickly sift through large volumes of internal documentation to provide accurate, relevant responses.

Knowledge Management

Transform large, complex knowledge bases into accessible resources. ChatGVK can navigate through vast amounts of information, retrieve relevant data, and present it in a clear, understandable manner.

Regulatory Compliance

In regulated industries, accurate information is crucial. ChatGVK can provide quick, reliable answers to compliance-related questions, helping to ensure your operations stay within regulatory boundaries.

Government Services

ChatGVK can be a beneficial tool for public sector entities, providing citizens with quick, accurate information on various services, policies, and procedures. It can help streamline public service delivery, improve citizen engagement, and ensure accurate dissemination of information.


Enhance your learning platforms with an AI tutor that can provide immediate, accurate responses to students' questions, create interactive learning scenarios, and offer personalized feedback.


ChatGVK can enhance the shopping experience by answering customer inquiries about products, handling complaints, and providing detailed product descriptions or recommendations. Its ability to provide evidence-based responses can help build customer trust and satisfaction.

Financial Services

From providing quick, accurate responses to customer queries about banking services, to assisting employees with complex regulatory or procedural information, ChatGVK can be a valuable tool in the finance sector. It can handle intricate queries and provide evidence-based responses that help improve both customer service and internal operations.


ChatGVK can be used as a reliable tool for answering patient inquiries, providing evidence-based health advice, and assisting healthcare professionals in accessing medical guidelines or patient records. With its commitment to factual accuracy, it can help ensure that health information is conveyed correctly and effectively.


ChatGVK is an empowering tool in education. Assisting with study materials, deciphering complex topics, and fielding course-related queries, it brings a new level of engagement to learning. By providing responses steeped in factual accuracy from the provided resources, ChatGVK can transform the educational landscape, making learning interactive and comprehensive.

In a world where accurate information is crucial, ChatGVK stands as a beacon of reliable, evidence-based communication. Its applications are as vast as they are varied. Whether it’s healthcare, financial services, the legal sector, retail, government services, or education—wherever there’s a need for precise information, ChatGVK can perform. It’s not just a chatbot, it’s a tool designed to meet the challenges of modern communication. From improving customer experiences to streamlining internal processes, ChatGVK is ready to revolutionize the way businesses operate and communicate. Embrace the future of intelligent communication with ChatGVK.

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