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HQ Information
HQ Information

11098 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, Florida, USA
T + 1 888 808 94 98
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About OrNsoft

Created in 2009 in the United States (Florida), OrNsoft in 2011 already had more than 2000 customers worldwide and had gained recognition of the largest in the IT industry: Microsoft, Google, Adobe and Apple.

Since 2010, OrNsoft is Regularly Solicited in Europe for its high expertise. Big organizations and corporations like the United Nations, NASA, Blackberry, HITACHI and much more trust OrNsoft for projects at the heart of their operation. OrNsoft also puts its expertise at the service of small business, mid size business and even startups for their innovations or simply optimize their profitability.

The experience gained in Europe and the United States helped OrNsoft to surround itself with the best experts for its developments. This expertise gives OrNsoft a major technological advantage that make it an essential partner.

But this force would be nothing without what sets OrNsoft appart: its ability to put real technology at the service of the human. Customization, listening and lasting partnership are the objectives bounded by strong human values. Therefore OrNsoft accompany you throughout your project: audit & context analysis, your solution development and presentation, training or preparation, monitoring and maintenance, updates & upgrades proposals …

Become an OrNsoft Partner is choosing the most suitable solution for your project. It is to choose the best result and guarantee of an available and attentive expert.

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 Countries of operation

Countries of operation

While OrNsoft offices are in USA only, OrNsoft is servicing clients worldwide,
including but not limited to :
- North America (USA all states, Canada)
- South America (Brazil, Argentina)
- Europe (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia)
- Midle East (Israel, Dubai)
- Asia (China, Japan, India)
Industry Focuses

Industry Focuses

Sectorial approach , from strategy to operations

- Energy & Utilities
- Financial services
- Telecoms & Media
- Construction
- Transport & Logistics Industry
- Aerospace
- Pharmaceutical & Laboratory

Areas of intervention
- Operational Strategy
- Organization& Planing
- IT strategy
- Mapping
- Project management
- Support
- Charge management
- R&D
- Systems Design and Development