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Navigating Privacy and Ethical Considerations with AI Autopilot

In today’s competitive landscape, leveraging AI technologies is more of a necessity than a luxury. However, organizations face ethical and privacy challenges in their quest to harness the power of AI. One of these challenges relates to the legal risk associated with using pre-trained models.

The Pitfall of Pre-trained AI

Due to legal and compliance complexities, companies often can’t simply purchase and use a pre-trained AI model. Although preset models are available, these must be trained using a company’s own data to avoid legal repercussions. This puts businesses in a tough spot, considering the sizable datasets typically required for effective training.

The Dilemma of Large Datasets

Addressing this concern, AI Autopilot from OrNsoft starts with a minimal set of legally acquired documents. It augments this initial dataset by:

  1. Semantic Augmentation: Replacing annotated fields with synthetic data, enhancing the model’s generalizability while retaining the document’s context.
  2. Visual Augmentation: Altering the visual attributes of documents, like folding, rotating, or adding noise, to train the model under varied conditions.

Achieving Ethical AI Training

AI Autopilot allows businesses to train their AI models in a responsible manner, sidestepping the risks tied to data privacy and legality. This enables a wider and more ethical adoption of AI technologies across various sectors.


AI Autopilot doesn’t just enable responsible training; it sets a new ethical standard in the AI industry. By overcoming the challenges associated with data privacy and legal considerations, companies can focus more on innovation and operational efficiency.

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