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About OrNsoft


Founded in February of 2009, OrNsoft made it a point to hire great people, continuously refine our project management processes, and invest in the ongoing development of technologies and expertise.

Software, web, and mobile app development as well as software and cloud integration will give you the functional, connected, efficient business that you need in today’s world. You can keep your business competitive and on top in your industry while also bringing your clients and customers the services or products they expect of you as a business.

Services that we offer include:

  • Software Development

  • Software Integration

  • IT Consulting

  • Website Development and Design

  • Mobile App Development

  • Cloud Integration

With almost a decade of experience, OrNsoft can provide robust IT solution, Either it is a software solution, website portal solution or even mobile apps, we can do it all and integrate it with what you already have.

Our software development team can design custom software that suits the needs of your business and/or your customers. You will have the ability to achieve your goals easily with peace of mind. The website development and mobile app development teams will provide an equally exceptional solutions.

We are the go-to solution for improving the flow, effectiveness, and efficiency of your business. This comes in several forms. Cloud and software integration are two popular services to improve the functionality of the workplace. IT consulting, too, can help you to keep everything working as intended and to keep the quality of the work high.

The reason our services work so well is the fact that we hire professionals. Our team is dedicated to this industry and to helping businesses like yours to succeed. With our help, you can see a noticeable improvement in the way that your business works. You can gain from the advantages found with software, websites, apps, and other online tools that we put within your reach.

What we do

Our Premium Services

Custom Software

Custom Software

OrNsoft adapts and grows with you, a software solution tailored, personalized and scalable, that’s in tune with your needs.

Software Integration

Software Integration

Your software should make your life easier, not harder, but often using lots of different applications causes headaches.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

OrNsoft’s expert team can help you design a simple and intuitive app to reduce errors, minimize data entry and improve the efficiency of your whole business.

Website Application

Website & Web Application

OrNsoft have about a decade of experience in building secure custom web applications, specializing in high volume business critical systems.

Cloud Solution

Cloud Integration

Over the years we have undertaken a high number of Cloud migrations and delivered many Cloud Computing Solutions to our clients globally.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

OrNsoft help businesses align their activities and IT priorities in a way that makes technology the real competitive advantage.

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