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Next-Gen Document Management: OrNsoft Launches Genius Document AI and QuickMode

Miami, FL 03/11/2024 – In a significant leap forward for AI-driven document management, OrNsoft today unveiled its latest innovations: Genius Document AI, a cutting-edge Document AI As A Service, and QuickMode, a groundbreaking update to its CEErtia platform. These developments are set to redefine how mid-size to large companies’ integrate advanced AI into their operations, streamlining processes and unlocking new levels of efficiency.

Genius Document AI: A Quantum Leap in Document Processing

Genius Document AI is not merely an enhancement; it’s a complete reinvention of document processing capabilities. Built on OrNsoft’s proprietary document AI technology and a new Large Language Model (LLM) powered by its evidence-based GVK technology. The GVK technology, distinguished by its evidence-based approach avoid hallucinations and delivers reliable information without the need for the extensive dataset training typical of traditional models.

Genius Document AI can process and analyze over 1 million tokens, translating to in-depth insights across thousands of pages of content effectively and with unprecedented accuracy. This technology is pivotal for businesses that manage vast quantities of data, providing them with the ability to unlock actionable insights without the time-intensive training typically required by conventional models. The intuitive, no-code interface alongside a comprehensive API ensures that integrating this advanced AI into existing systems is not just possible but streamlined and accessible.

QuickMode in CEErtia: Empowering Efficiency and Accessibility for All Businesses

QuickMode is revolutionizing document management within the CEErtia platform, marking a significant departure from traditional, labor-intensive setup processes. By harnessing the capabilities of Genius Document AI, QuickMode eliminates weeks of manual document annotation, AI Job configurations, and training (including MLOps) , transforming them into tasks that can be completed in mere days, if not hours. This transformative approach not only accelerates project timelines and boosts productivity for mid-size and large companies but also opens the door for small enterprises to leverage advanced document management solutions.

Historically, the complexity and resource requirements of implementing sophisticated AI solutions have been prohibitive for smaller businesses. QuickMode addresses these challenges head-on, simplifying the adoption of AI technologies and removing barriers related to setup, training, and management. This democratization of technology ensures that businesses of any size can now access cutting-edge document AI capabilities, enabling even the smallest teams to effectively compete in today’s digital landscape.

OrNsoft’s introduction of QuickMode signifies more than just an enhancement of operational efficiency; it represents a strategic expansion of the accessibility of advanced document management technologies. By making these solutions available to a broader audience, OrNsoft is not only demonstrating its commitment to technological inclusivity but also facilitating transformative growth and innovation across the business spectrum. This initiative underscores OrNsoft’s vision of scaling and adapting its technologies to meet the diverse needs of the market, reinforcing its leadership in driving the future of document management.

Forefront of Security and Privacy

OrNsoft’s innovations go beyond mere efficiency and into the realm of security and privacy, especially crucial in today’s global business environment. Recognizing the importance of complying with stringent data protection laws like the GDPR, OrNsoft has implemented advanced anonymization protocols in CEErtia. Sensitive information such as names, phone numbers or addresses can securely be anonymized with placeholders before being sent for  processing, ensuring that client data remains protected throughout the analysis process. Furthermore, with dedicated servers located in the EU and the US, Genius Document AI operates within the legal frameworks of its clients’ regions, offering peace of mind alongside cutting-edge technology.

Pioneering the Future

“These innovations represent a monumental step forward in our mission,” stated Johnny Saffar, CEO of OrNsoft. “With Genius Document AI and QuickMode, we are not just providing new tools but reshaping the future of document management. Our technology is designed to empower businesses to harness the power of AI while ensuring their data remains secure, reflecting our dedication to advancing technology responsibly.”

OrNsoft is setting new benchmarks in the field of AI and document management, with a clear vision for a future where businesses can leverage the full potential of AI without compromising on efficiency, security, or privacy.

About OrNsoft

Founded in 2009, OrNsoft is a leading software house specializing in Artificial Intelligence-powered software, bespoke business solutions, web and mobile app development, and IT consulting. With a client base that includes NASA, the United Nations, and many others, OrNsoft has become a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes and industries. The company’s flagship hyper-automation software, CEErtia, is utilized by some of the largest companies in the world.

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