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CEErtia Intelligent Automation – AI Document and Automation Management System

CEErtia is cutting edge software powered by Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies for Intelligent Process Automation.

“Many organizations are finding ways to transfer paper-based processes or steps to intelligent automation, leading them to have significant returns through processing speed, tighter controls, increased visibility, and enhanced data analytics and insights.

The main issue with that is the cost and the time, for each iteration or improvement of the AI you always need a tech company or to have you own tech resources (engineer and data scientist) to do it.

This software is amazing, CEErtia democratizes Artificial intelligence through an intuitive and understandable interface. you must see it to believe it…

Tom Adams

Once your model is created, you give CEErtia your document in PDF or PNG format, and that’s it, just see the magic happen!


CEErtia was built with all the tools in order for you to build your own models (use case). Train the AI to recognize documents, find important information and verify compliance requirements and consistencies.

  • Define your models using Drag and Drop
  • Create your own labels
  • On the fly document annotation tool with auto tagging
  • Define Project Binding & Unique keys - features that define a project and group documents.

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