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Intelligence process automation

Scale Your Business with Artificial Intelligence Automation Software

Why you should automate your business processes with OrNsoft’s Artificial Intelligence

We all know how annoying and time consuming it is to spend hours doing menial work. This is the reason we created Intelligent document Automation software with the power of cognitive technologies and deep learning. As a result, you would be able to scale your business faster than ever before! 

Intelligence Automation

OrNsoft Intelligence Automation can be used to integrate your business platform. Therefore, clients can seamlessly leverage the power and simplicity of our intelligent, cloud-based – document management system. Check all benefits and steps you need to know about our AI-driven automation solution!

What is Artificial Intelligence Automation?

Let’s talk about what is Intelligent automation and why we need to know about it. AI is a technological advancement that has the potential to streamline, automate and scale decision-making across organizations. This process simplifies rote or complex tasks, frees up resources while improving operational efficiencies. AI can automate tasks that are typically done by humans.

How can Intelligence Document Automation help your business?

Intelligence Automation (IA) refers to the utilization of artificial intelligence technologies to automate business processes. Therefore, there are many potential benefits to using AI-driven automation in the workplace. Some of these benefits include reducing costs, saving time for more important tasks, avoiding risk of human error. As well as reconciling data from various systems and improving service times for clients. 

How does Artificial Intelligence Automation work?

Intelligence Automation software is utilizing the power of AI from natural language understanding, machine and deep learning. The first step involves examining the data that you have or need and extracting relevant features. Next, you train the model to identify and differentiate these characteristics – this involves manual annotation and testing how the automation is working! Finally, we use these models to answer defined questions using automated jobs that use the information obtained by models. These conclusions are used to improve administrative processes.

Artificial Intelligence data processing

Intelligence Automation software can process and interpret any type of data. For instance: PDFs, images, spreadsheets, any type of scanned documents, etc. Therefore, AI can quickly transform and classify existing data. In addition, any department can benefit from intelligence automation. These domains include industries such as accounting, legal services, financial services, customer service, HR, Marketing, etc.

IPA VS RPA – What’s the difference?

The key difference between RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IPA (Intelligence Process Automation) is that Intelligence Automation can understand the context of data, make decisions accordingly and give you advanced analytics. It allows for more complex processes automation, such as decision-making tasks and customer service interactions. Intelligence Automation is powered by AI can manage and qualify data in a minute. RPA, on the other hand, is driven by pre-scripted actions and can only automate repetitive tasks. In short, Intelligence Automation can automate workflows that are not currently possible with RPA or traditional automation tools. 

difference between IPA and RPA

The use of artificial intelligence technology has made it possible to imitate human intellect – thus, giving employees the tools and techniques necessary for accomplishing high-functioning activities requiring thinking, analyzing and sorting data quickly without compromising on quality.

Get the following benefits by adopting OrNsoft’s Artificial Intelligence platform:

  • Work with AI industry professionals!
  • Save time for more important tasks!
  • Cost reduction of 20-50% per document processed!
  • Increase the value of the company!
  • Run business processes more smoothly!
  • Unlock a new revenue stream through partnership!
  • Provide more value to customers!
  • Reduce the risk of human error!

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards!

Working with OrNsoft uses industry standard security protocols. Our intelligent document automation software protects your data with the latest security features and protocols. You can be sure that your documents are safe and sound while being processed by our system. So what are you waiting for? Try Intelligence Automation today!

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Amit Paw
January 28, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Automation Software is the trend in software used in businesses. The AI Automation Software helps in interpreting any type of data may it be video, audio or document and return the results in visualized form. AI Automation Software has brought easy in the automation process in the business workflow. AI Automation Software is the future of business software and would be the all in one solution for quality business productivity in coming years.

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