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OrNsoft Unveils Game-Changing Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot

MIAMI, FL – April 11, 2023 – OrNsoft, a leading software house specializing in Artificial Intelligence-powered software and bespoke business solutions, proudly announces the successful implementation of their groundbreaking Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot in two key experiments conducted in Miami, Florida, and Paris, France. The chatbot is designed to harness the power of large language models like ChatGPT while mitigating the risks associated with unpredictability and inaccuracies in generated responses.

The first experiment called ChatPermits, conducted in Miami, Florida, involved the collection of all information related to Miami-Dade County’s construction permit and processing department. OrNsoft’s chatbot was fed a comprehensive list of documents sourced directly from the county’s website. The AI chatbot is now able to provide quick and clear answers to questions related to permits, with evidence supporting its responses.

In France, OrNsoft partnered with NeuronsON to tackle the complex and rapidly changing energy sector, focusing on the “Certificat d’économie d’énergie.” The chatbot called ChatCEE was trained on an extensive corpus of documents containing government information on the subject. As with the Miami experiment, the AI chatbot now offers rapid and accurate responses, backed by evidence from the provided documents.

These successful experiments demonstrate the immense potential of OrNsoft’s Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot in transforming businesses across various industries. By ensuring generated responses are accurate, relevant, and supported by evidence, the chatbot minimizes the risks associated with unpredictable outcomes, making generative AI more accessible, reliable, and practical for organizations of all sizes.

“Our mission at OrNsoft has always been to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. The positive results from our experiments in Miami and France showcase the potential of our Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot in revolutionizing industries and helping businesses overcome complex challenges,” said Johnny Saffar, CEO of OrNsoft.

OrNsoft’s Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot represents a significant milestone in the world of AI and business technology. By addressing the challenges that have previously hindered the adoption of generative AI, OrNsoft continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence, innovation, and the empowerment of businesses worldwide.

About OrNsoft:

Founded in 2009, OrNsoft is a leading software house specializing in Artificial Intelligence-powered software, bespoke business solutions, web and mobile app development, and IT consulting. With a client base that includes NASA, the United Nations, and many others, OrNsoft has become a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes and industries. The company’s flagship hyper-automation software, CEErtia, is utilized by some of the largest companies in the world.

For more information about OrNsoft and their Evidence-Based Generative AI Chatbot, please visit or contact:

Jeane Menard Public Relations Manager OrNsoft
Phone: (888) 808-9498


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