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OrNsoft Rolls Out Game-Changing “Eco Mode” in CEErtia: Setting New Standards for Cost-Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

MIAMI, FL — 10/15/2023

OrNsoft Corporation is setting a new benchmark in sustainable AI technology with its transformative update to CEErtia. Introducing “Eco Mode“—a groundbreaking innovation designed to supercharge your savings and minimize your carbon footprint. Witness server resource utilization plummet by a staggering 70%, while still delivering peak performance, enabling a massive 50% cut in server costs and contributing to an awe-inspiring reduction in CO2 emissions—an estimated 981.12 kg saved per server, per year.*

Experience the Power of Intelligent Adaptation: Eco Mode isn’t just smart—it’s intuitively brilliant. Using complex learning algorithms, Eco Mode predicts your peak operational times, essentially eliminating any “cold start” delays. This ensures your experience is not just optimal but seamlessly fluid.

“We’re not just enhancing cost-efficiency here; we’re revolutionizing the ecological narrative within the tech industry. This isn’t just a feature; it’s our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future,” declares Johnny, President at OrNsoft Corporation.

Why This is a Big Deal:

  • Financial Alchemy: Transforms your operational costs with up to a 50% reduction.
  • Resource Sorcery: Magically reduces server resource utilization by up to 70%.
  • Intelligent Mastery: AI so smart, it knows your needs before you do.
  • Green Revolution: Make a gargantuan environmental impact with a CO2 saving of 981.12 kg per server annually.*

Eco Mode becomes a standard part of CEErtia’s offering in the upcoming software update, rolling out from 10/15/23.

About OrNsoft:
Founded in 2009, OrNsoft stands as a beacon in Artificial Intelligence-powered software, bespoke business solutions, web app and mobile app development. Recognized for its innovation and reliability, the company’s flagship hyper-automation software, CEErtia, empowers businesses around the globe, making complex document management more efficient and user-friendly.

For more information about OrNsoft or inquiries about CEErtia, please visit

For Media Inquiries: 
Jeane Menard
Public Relations Manager OrNsoft
Phone: (888) 808-9498

*Based on an average server energy consumption of 400W per hour, the estimated annual energy saving with a 70% reduction in utilization is 2452.8 kWh. Using the U.S. average of 0.4 kg of CO2 per kWh, this equates to an estimated annual CO2 saving of 981.12 kg per g5.xlarge AWS server in Northern Virginia.

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