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An Account of OrNsoft’s History on Our 12th Anniversary

On the eve of our 12th anniversary, we want to share an account of how OrNsoft developed into the company it is today. What started as a small idea to make website development easier and more accessible for everyone has developed into a burgeoning software company centered around business process optimization. 


Our CEO Johnny Saffar has always been passionate about technology, creating his first video game from scratch when he was just 15 years old. After graduating from college, Johnny had many ideas for things to create – including everything from an “intelligent” presentation card to a website development tool. His first enterprise software product was a website development platform named editDream, a software very similar to today’s popular platform. 


Johnny had the opportunity to pitch his idea at an FIU business exhibition. Many potential investors attended this event on the lookout for a promising business idea to support financially. Johnny’s software platform shined, leading to an offer to buy the software. Johnny turned the offer down because there was no opportunity for him to continue as part of the team working on the software. He trusted himself even when the very investors that wanted to purchase his software did not.


Johnny eventually launched the software on his own. Within 24 hours of the launch, over 3,000 people had signed up to use the software. This huge amount of unexpected traffic caused the website to crash. Johnny now understood that he wouldn’t be able to run a successful software firm completely on his own, he needed a team to support him.


When he began his search for the right team of developers and managers, Johnny then realized that the business opportunity wasn’t in just website development, but software development. This was when he decided to establish OrNsoft as a full-cycle software development company. This new direction led him to attain every software development certification and license available in order to legitimize OrNsoft as an accredited and trustworthy software company.


OrNsoft took off quickly, gaining the trust necessary to work with medium and large-sized companies. This led to business relationships with large European corporations, many of which we still work with to this day. Eventually, Johnny would move on from strictly creating enterprise platforms to implementing artificial intelligence in our products to help optimize business processes. This is where the inspiration for our newest software products, like CEErtia, came!

After countless projects and positive learning experiences, OrNsoft has found its place in the AI software industry, and continues to grow and shape its products in a way that best fits our current and future clients’ needs. 12 years later, we are thankful for all the direction and perseverance that Johnny has exhibited, and the hard work of every single member of our team. Happy Anniversary!

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