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OrNsoft Corporation Acquires Innovative WebDATA Bank

Today, after months of negotiation,  OrNsoft has acquired WebDATA Bank – the innovative cloud security company.

OrNsoft has been following WebDATA Bank since its beginning, and did not have trouble identifying this company as an incredible asset to their operation. OrNsoft acquired this company for its technology, which will allow them to offer our clients a new range of services. These new world-class services include highly-secure cloud solutions, secure remote backup, secure software development services with high encryption levels, and software security audit & improvement.

In 2014, WebDATA Bank was launched with the mission to provide secure remote data storage in a similar way that one would securely store money at the bank. The WebDATA Bank team has been working very hard to achieve its target and provide the top of the line cloud storage with high-end data encryption that it is known for. Everything processed through WebDATA Bank is 100% encrypted, making it impossible for even their employees to view what users are uploading to their accounts. By  January 2016, the revolutionary startup had almost 1 million active users on the platform.

While WebDATA Bank will not accept new users, the current customer base will remain active and will not be impacted by this acquisition.

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