AI: “What is Artificial Intelligence, and Why Should I Know?”


The stigma behind AI

When we think about artificial intelligence (AI), the first thing that comes to mind might be a robot that can have conversations with people. Although this is one example of the technological advancement that artificial intelligence provides, this new branch of technology can accomplish so much more.


What you should know

Artificial intelligence is the reproduction of natural human intelligence. Machines are fed large amounts of data and then programmed to learn from that data and mimic human-like behavior. Machines can then continue to learn and create their own processes in order to complete tasks without needing human intervention to ensure accuracy and completion. AI has proven itself as a valuable tool for many businesses, affording them the ability to work remotely and save time & money by automating data analysis and optimizing decision-making. But, what could AI solve?


AI benefits

One of the main industries impacted by the COVID pandemic is healthcare. In this sector, artificial intelligence systems have been able to help with the transcription of medical notes. This helps to structure patient information, making it easier for doctors to read data and make a potentially life-saving decision. Also, artificial intelligence systems can read MRI scans to check for tumors and other malignant growths much more quickly than a radiologist.


Business AI

This groundbreaking technology provides solutions for several different sectors as well. One example is in banking, where it aids the identification and authentication of customers and their transactions across digital banking platforms. Another industry in which artificial intelligence is proving its worth is insurance, where automated fraud detection & risk management processes are being implemented to increase the efficiency of these departments.



Artificial intelligence is transforming the world as we know it. Due to its capabilities and constant innovation, it is present in many processes that we may not realize. From a simple search tool in Google to assistance in the medical field, this special field of technology has the capability to help us in virtually every aspect of our day-to-day lives and jobs. AI can and will dramatically improve our productivity in the workplace. This will allow human employees to focus on more critical tasks, like those that require creativity and emotional intelligence. But who knows, artificial intelligence may be able to perform those tasks soon as well.

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