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The Difference Between Weak & Strong AI

Robotics and automation are becoming more popular at home and in factories. These tools respond in a certain way when given input. Usually, when the conversation directs to artificial intelligence, people frequently think about Siri and Alexa, without realizing that they represent a limited view of the AI ecosystem,

Narrow or Weak AI

This type refers to any AI program that focuses on a single task and works based on pre-programmed algorithms. This mechanism is seen as limited to organization power, rather than the ability of the AI to comprehend or understand the command being given.

This AI can perform tasks in real-time despite not having any other function outside its initial programming. Its answers are regarding the information already fed into, which is what makes the weak AI appear intelligent.

Augmented or strong AI 

It replicated the cognitive functions of the human brain, it is like the partnership between AI and people. It relies on clustering and association to process data, just like a human brain. It is hard to tell how a strong AI would respond to specific keywords, but we know it will make a decision based on how it evaluated and reacted to the data provided to it.

Since one of the first goals was to enhance human intelligence, strong AI was also known as intelligence implication, leading the user to do better and more efficient tasks.

What are the key differences?