OrNsoft SecuritX

Cyber Security Solution


OrNsoft Cybersecurity Solutions are a powerful set of non-intrusive tools that will protect your website from hackers, cyberattacks and other threats. Our Cybersecurity solution uses intelligent algorithms to detect all commonly known hacker attacks, as well as new & unknown threats, by using code recognition & patterns, and automatically takes action to protect your information.

Here is a short list of the key features that OrNsoft Cybersecurity Solutions offer: 

  • Intelligent Pattern Recognition
  • Industrial-Strength Algorithms
  • SQLi Protection
  • Mass Request Protection
  • Spam Protection
  • Proxy Protection
  • Live Malware Scanning
  • Auto Input Sanitization
  • DNSBL Integration
  • Auto Ban
  • IP Whitelist/Blacklist management
  • Tor Detection
  • Errors Monitoring

OrNsoft offers non-intrusive Cybersecurity services for businesses. These can be easily & quickly integrated and deployed on your system.

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