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Portfolio Category: Artificial Intelligence

CEErtia-inteligent Automation

CEErtia Intelligent Automation – AI Document and Automation Management System

CEErtia is cutting edge software powered by Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies for Intelligent Process Automation. “Many organizations are finding ways to transfer paper-based processes or steps to intelligent automation, leading them to have significant returns through processing speed, tighter controls,…

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QR code Attendance System – Touch less Geotracked attendance system

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AdminCore – Business Management System

AdminCore is a SAAS fully-featured enterprise customer relation management system that allows you to manage your company’s employees and resources, produce documents and create invoices, estimates and projects.. AdminCore is also giving access to a built-in Apps Marketplace to enhance and…

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Timbertask – Intelligent Project Management

Timbertask is an intelligent project management software meant to give you rea time impact on changes across mutliple project. We all know that companies manage multiple project and in some case small (or big) changes may happen here and there. The…

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