Custom Software Development

OrNsoft delivers bespoke software solutions to help customers grow, increase productivity, and drive bottom line.

Our solutions address YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS more effectively than mass-market solutions. Prior to development, we work with you to understand your current processes and needs.

Our methodology creates effective and measurable RESULTS.

What We Do

Bespoke Business Software Solutions

CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is designed to meet the needs of marketing services, business services, after-sales services, and support divisions of a company.


OrNsoft’s custom CRM software allows you to effectively manage a large number of contacts, handle and increase the value attributable to each customer, improve customer retention, and increase service-level quality. Our CRM software is able to improve your sales and customer relations processes as:

  • It tracks the interests, needs and habits of customers throughout their progression in your sales cycle, allowing you to adapt your marketing accordingly.
  • It can track product usage to improve overall customer service, thus allowing you to enrich customer relationships based on loyalty.
    • Reduce marketing costs related to prospecting new clients.
  • It decreases turnover and increase profit margins.

ERP Software

OrNsoft’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software coordinates all activities of a company around a unified information system: production, operations planning, inventory management, procurement, marketing, sales force management, human resources and more.


The operating system for an OrNsoft ERP is:

  • Powerful – Integrates all data and processes of your company into one unified system.
  • Custom – Bespoke, responding to the specific needs of YOUR business.
  • Secure – Equipped with a highly-efficient protection system, preventing unauthorized access, theft, or abuse.
  • Reliable – Dependable storage and processing of data, reducing the risk of any loss of information.
  • Easy to Use – Intuitive and simple interface makes your work less complicated.

Database Software

OrNsoft’s database software stores and shares information, ensuring the highest levels of quality and security. Our database software protects information confidentiality, keeping up with the growth of your business.

We install and maintain your business’s database and protect your information.

With OrNsoft Database Software:

  • Streamline your business.
  • Benefit from custom-made information architecture.
  • Establish effective data management.
  • Enjoy security and peace of mind.

Project Management Software

OrNsoft PMS (Project Management Software) brings various applications together into a single software. Our custom PMS software enables planning, allocating resources, collaboration, communication systems, documentation, and more.

OrNsoft Project Management Software will help you to realize your projects regardless of scale, making it an essential ally for running your projects smoothly and efficiently. Our PMS solutions:

  • Assign tasks and collect information on project status
  • Manage calendar events
  • Perform calculations to determine critical path tasks
  • Manage various project resources: money, personnel, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Track project development

Document Management Software

OrNsoft’s Document Management Software solutions help you handle your business documentation.

We safeguard your confidential data and automate manual processes to reduce workload and errors.

  • Stop manually filing and copying valuable document information
  • Restrict employee access to confidential data
  • Easily find & access your stored data

Mobile Apps

OrNsoft develops world-class mobile apps, generating customer engagement and revenue for businesses of all sizes. We offer a strategic process – defining, designing, building, and launching a successful mobile product.

We approach mobile app development in four different ways:

  • Native Mobile Applications
  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications
  • Hybrid Mobile Applications
  • Progressive Web Applications
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