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Every business has its own set of problems, goals and tools they operate with. OrNsoft’s products adapt and grow with you – software solutions that are tailored, personalized, scalable, and in tune with your needs.

Custom software solutions are usually much more effective than mass-market software, because they typically are designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

During development, we work with your staff to understand your operational processes and needs. This helps us to have a better understanding of your business and how to properly locate your problem, and proactively create resolutions that effectively satisfy your business needs. At OrNsoft, we work hard to help your business move forward!

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CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is designed to meet the needs of marketing services, business services, after-sales services and (in some cases) the support divisions of a company.

CRM software will allow your company to effectively manage a large number of contacts, handle and increase the value attributable to each customer, retain good customers, and show how they can benefit from service-level quality. CRM software is able to improve your sales and customer relations processes as:

  • It tracks the interests, needs and habits of customers throughout their progression in your sales cycle, allowing you to adapt your marketing accordingly.
  • It can follow the use of your product that is in possession of a client to direct you to the service strategy in place.
  • It improves the overall customer service contributing to the satisfaction of the customer in the long term, thus allowing you to enrich customer relationships based on loyalty. This can lead to reduced marketing costs related to prospecting new clients.
  • Eventually, decrease your turnover and increase your profit margins.

ERP Software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is used to coordinate all the activities of a company around a unified information system: production, operations planning, inventory management , procurement, marketing, sales force management, human resources and much more…

Developed according to the needs of each company, the operating system for an ERP possesses the following qualities:

  • Powerful – It integrates all of the data and processes of your company into one unified system.
  • Custom – It has been developed to respond accurately to the specific needs of your business.
  • Secure – It is equipped with a highly efficient protection system to prevent unauthorized access, theft or other abuse.
  • Reliable – The storage and processing of data are studied so that you do not lose any of your information due to system malfunction.
  • Easy to use – The intuitive and simple interface makes your work less complicated and more enjoyable.

Database Software

Database software is intended to store and share information while ensuring the highest levels of quality and security. Database software from OrNsoft ensures the confidentiality of information and consistency to keep up with the growth of your business.

We can take care of installing and maintaining your business’s database and effectively protect your information.

With a Database Software you can easily:

  • Streamline your business.
  • Have a custom-made information architecture.
  • Ensure effective management.
  • Enjoy security and peace of mind.

Project Management Software

Project Management software brings countless applications together in a single software, with varied functions for planning, allocating resources, collaboration, communication systems and documentation.

When you want to realize your projects, whatever their scale, project management software can be an essential ally for making your project run more smoothly and effectively:

  • Assign tasks and collect information on project status
  • Annotate events on calendar
  • Perform calculations to assess critical path tasks to be optimized
  • Manage various project resources: money, personnel, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Keep track of how projects evolve

Document Management

Document Management software allows employees and stakeholders to manage all of the many different types of documentation that needs to be archived to run a business effectively. Rest assured that all confidential and important documentation will stay safe with OrNsoft’s document management and data extraction offerings.

  • Say goodbye to filing and copying information from documents manually
  • Restrict access to specific employees
  • Realize information and data instantaneously, no more sorting through the file cabinet
  • Never worry about the safety of confidential documents again

Mobile Apps

Smartphone software programs, usually called “apps”, have been proven to provide companies with rich and new revenue-generating opportunities.

Uncover all that is possible with OrNsoft’s custom app development offering!

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