Question & AnswerCategory: SoftwareHow do I ensure my project is executed properly?
Andrew asked 6 years ago


I am about to have a project done soon, I would like to know how can I ensure that my project is executed properly?

Thank you

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OrNsoft Staff answered 6 years ago

From following coding standards to employing an in-house team of professionals, be sure any assurances you are given are put in writing.

  • Do their agreements stipulate that coding will be done according to industry standards, and that the work is customized for your needs?
  • Do you own the work produced, and have access to it, or is there a licensing fee?
  • Do they plan your website in accordance with your business goals?
  • Do they have insurance that covers you in case the job is not done properly?

The most important asset to protect you is the insurance, do not hesitate to ask for a current copy of their policy and contact the insurance company to verify this.