Question & AnswerCategory: MobileCan you tell me the pros / cons of using Meteor to develop a web application?
anonymous asked 4 years ago

I’m developing a pretty simple web application, it imports data and spits it out on the UI and allows the user to update the status of the data. But the developer I am talking to wants to use Meteor and I’m not familiar whit it. I have concerns with the frontend and backend being too integrated. Any other concern?

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OrNsoft Staff answered 4 years ago

I don’t see issue with using Meteor for the type of application you described. After all it’s built on top of NodeJS so if you know anything about Node then you know it’s very scalable and can handle large amounts of concurrent connections. Meteor performs well and from your web app description you should have an app ready very quickly, since it’s super easy to prototype with it. The front and back-end are definitely coupled, but that shouldn’t matter in your case. Meteor also has a pretty decent library to fall back on, so you probably wouldn’t be reinventing the wheel at all by using it.

– Fast to develop real time, single page, cross-platform application. You can develop a prototype including web app, iOS, Android app during your weekends.
– Easy to scale using Galaxy or meteor up. You can also architect your apps into micro-services.

– Although it is easy to learn and develop, you need to deeply understand nodejs in order fully customize your apps. Sometimes easy things can be difficult in Meteor if you do not really understand how it works.
– It works well with MongoDB only.
– You’ll need to keep track of all NPM modules and their versions being used in the application. Sometimes versions conflict or are unsupported when used in conjunction with certain modules and their versions (All of which is contained in package.json).

Meteor changes very fast, this is both pro and con. So you really need to follow and up to date frequently