Question & AnswerCategory: WebsiteWhen building a web application, what are the most common tasks?
anonymous asked 4 years ago

I am planing to build a web application for my business and i would like to know what are the most common task and in witch order should they be achieved

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OrNsoft Staff answered 4 years ago

From my experience, here are the common tasks for generic web application development:

1/ List both the business and technical requirements from the client/users
2/ Make decision on which technology stack to use
3/ Create a wireframe based on the requirements
4/ Create the work flow diagram
5/ Create the UI design based on the wireframe
6/ Design the database
7/ Develop the web application (programming)
8/ Initial test at the development environment
9/ Migrate to the production environment
10/ Final test on the production environment and delivery (release)
Step 1–2: The consulting phase

Step 3–4: The planning phase

Step 5–7: The designing phase

Step 8–10: The testing and delivery phase

This cycle will apply also on the web application features updates.
You didn’t give enough details but this can be be adjusted depending on your project.