Question & AnswerCategory: MobileStarting a new project. Should I make my app on Android or iOS?
anonymous asked 6 years ago
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OrNsoft Staff answered 6 years ago


This question seems deceptively easy but can actually be a very difficult decision to make. It depends on who you are making the app for and where you are. That decision depends on your target market/user base but not only that. Because of the diversity of the Android ecosystem, they have more devices on the market – meaning their market share, in absolute numbers, is bigger. More people in more parts of the world have an Android phone. Whether that phone costs $25 or $2 500, it’s still an Android phone and can utilize Android apps.

Apple’s retail strategy, however, focuses on building high-end products and selling them at > $600 a pop. Their retail strategy means that they have less market share in absolute numbers, but it also means that the kind of people who buy an iPhone are people who have $600 to spend on a phone and are willing to spend $600 on a phone… meaning they’re willing to spend money on the apps that will make that phone even more appealing

This is not to say that people with Android phones aren’t willing to buy apps – but most developers will be able to attest to the fact that it’s easier to sell things on the App Store than it is on the Google Play Store.

If your revenue model is focused around direct sales (and you’re in the US where the market share is higher, or China, where the market share is growing), you’ll probably be better served making your app on iOS. If your revenue model is focused on getting huge volumes of people across a spread of devices and across a broader spread of geographies then you’re probably better off on Android.

If you have no idea about your users, then you can try to analyze: You can create landing page for your app without having the app itself ready, and purchase ads or otherwise bring traffic to your landing page. Once you’ve gathered enough visits, you will see what number of users visit your page from Android devices and from iOS devices. Based on those stats, you can decide how to move forward. If you’re ready to build the app, we’d suggest you to use OrNsoft to deliver the best possible results. Either way, we wish you the best of luck!