How much do you charge for a project? what is the price?

OrNsoft charge per Hours or Days of work. Depending on your project and technology needed, different kind of profiles will be required. Our hourly prices range from $120 to $550 per hour but again based on the technology or length of the project this could be different. We also provide our clients with a detailed estimate before any work begins.

The important point is that when we do an estimate and give prices and deadline, we guarantee it.

You will not have any surprise, if for any reason there is an issue and we need more developers or more time on the project, this should not be your problem, the deadline and the price will never change.

All our project are covered and insured for up to $2M so you can engaged with us on new projects with a peace of a mind.

If you need a more specific answer, please feel free to ask on our Question/Answer section . You can also Contact Us or request a call back for a free consultation.

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