How does OrNsoft recruit developers?

Our developers have been with us for a long time – some from the very start of the company – and they know their stuff inside-out. New developers are always rigorously selected for their creative flair, educational excellence and analytical skills. While other position could be a 5 years experience senior level employee, for our developers having at least 10 year experience is a must. Equally importantly, they need to be able to function as an integral part of our existing team and demonstrate the ability to communicate well at all levels. On top of this you must know that if a developer is not at least 2year in the company and proved himself, he will never manage a project and will always stay under supervision. In fact, our clients frequently tell us how much they enjoy working with us, partly because they get on so well with our teams.

Here is a small graph showing you the level of our teams all department included :OrNsoft-teams-graph


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